Most spas pride themselves on private rooms with dim lighting, hot stones and Ayuverdic oils but FBE – Firm Body Evolution in Los Angeles separates themselves from the pack by bringing on the good vibrations. No this isn’t a nod to 90s heart throb Marky Mark, but an affirmation of the spa’s philosophy: Don’t exercise longer. Don’t exercise harder. Exercise smarter. When you come to FBE the facility is equipped with exercise machines that do the work for you. Long time members including Lana Krisi have professed the incredible results. “I’ve a been a member for about 5 months now, and happy with the results. I have noticed a change in my endurance, strength, overall body tone and posture.”

In other words, that sought after trim beach body could be yours in a few short visits. The notion of relaxation served through massages and other body treatments comes naturally for FBE, that’s why they give their guests and extra jolt with state of the art facilities including the Power Plate Vibration machine. On VH1’s The Price of Beauty Jessica Simpson, Ken Paves and Cacee Cobb give the machines for a whirl.

Good news for those of you who will be in Los Angeles April 11th – 17th. The spa is set to deliver two of their amazing treatments during Spa Week for the nifty price tag of $50. Get ready for a total body transformation when you book the Infrared Jade Sauna Session with Anti-Aging Facial Treatment and Pneumatic Lymph Compression Massage Session with Body Composition Analyzer Report.

Infared Sauna Therapy

Slide into the Infrared Jade Sauna onto a cushioned mat embedded with Jade stones. Jade is known around the world for its anti-aging effects, and is credited by many cultures with boosting mental awareness and acuity. After lying down on the jade stone mats, spa-users get to keep their heads out in the open air while warming their bodies in a soothing infrared heat. This allows you to receive the full benefits of the infrared heat while keeping your face, head, and breathing relaxed and comfortable — healing the body while soothing the mind.

Pneumatic Lymph Compression Massage Session

The Pneumatic Compression Massage works as a high-tech full body glove, using air pressure to massage the body and accelerate the drainage of toxins from the lymphatic tissue. Repetitive inflation and deflation of the air pressure device allows for compression of body fluids, thereby accelerating circulation of the blood and secretion of tissue fluids.

Call 323.936.3737 to book your way to a beach body at LA’s fbe Spa – Firm Body Evolution for Spa Week.

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