Column by: Kavita Jhaveri-Patel

Just the other day I ate a restaurant that I go to every now and then in Soho, called Bread, and suddenly the new menu displayed appetizers and entrees that included a gluten free Pizzette and gluten free pasta options. I was floored and excited to see these options on the menu, especially at a place that isn’t necessarily known to be extraordinarily “healthy”.

I will be completely HONEST with you, I used to think this whole gluten free thing was a big fat gimmick and the only reason for someone to go gluten free is if they had celiac disease.

But I have to confess, I was completely wrong. As a health coach I see all kinds of body types and bodily issues, and I have to say when I take my clients off the gluten something magical starts to happen.

Before I get into the magical part, I don’t believe in the no carb or low carb diet. So, as you keep reading on, remember this gluten free recommendation has nothing to do with lowering your carb intake.

Back to the magic. Every client I recommend go gluten free, even for a short period of time, begins to shrink. This isn’t just for people that have tested gluten intolerant or have an allergy to gluten.

Here is the low down on why going gluten free will help you to lose weight by accident.

Gluten is the sticky sweet protein found in whole wheat, rye, and barley products. Most of us these days consume way to much whole wheat (or flour). It is in our cereal, pastries, bagels, bread, crackers, pasta, and the list goes on. Back in the day, we used to eat different types of grains daily, not just whole wheat products, so most of us unknowingly have developed low levels of gluten intolerance.

If you are wondering how gluten affects your body, here is how:

Our large intestine is lined with tons of good bacteria in the form of villi (hair like particles). These villi are responsible for taking vitamins and minerals from your food and injecting it into your blood.

It is crucial for your entire body to receive the nourishment it needed to sustain itself. When too much gluten is eaten the villi become sticky and stick to one another, making it difficult for the villi to do their job. Hence, our bodies become slightly malnourished endorsing the body to bloat to protect itself.

So, if you are ready to get rid of the bloat and unnecessary lbs., then simply take 14 days and go gluten free. You can eat brown rice, corn meal (polenta), rice noodles, millet, quinoa, brown rice bread, and there is even gluten free cereal.  All of that is completely gluten free. Try it out and write to me telling me if it made a difference!

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