Dear SpaWeekers,

The countdown is over, and I know your mind is oozing in anticipation for the indulgent spa experience you’re about to have… but I want you to switch gears for just a minute. At this very moment there are thousands of spa owners, massage therapists, estheticians and spa technicians across North America who are just as excited as you are—if not more. Why? You may be looking forward to your very first massage or your biannual mommy-daughter spa outing, but they get the great honor of introducing so many new people to their beloved spa, their finest services that have taken years to master, and in many cases, welcoming new faces to the incredible spa lifestyle for the very first time.

The best advice I can give you to get the most out of your Spa Week, whether this is your first treatment or hundredth, is this: Allow spas to immerse you in their world—their meticulously crafted sanctuary of wellness, tranquility and beauty. I’ve never met a spa therapist who didn’t absolutely love their job; you will find that everything they do is fired by great passion. Passion for helping you relax your mind and let go of your real-world problems. Passion for making your skin look better than you ever imagined possible. Passion for relieving the tension in your back so that you feel significantly more comfortable sitting at your desk next week. Passion for teaching you little ways to better take care of yourself at home. Passion for long, happy, healthy lives—namely, yours.

Enjoy your experiences with these wonderful people you are about to meet! Don’t be shy about your needs, ask questions, take mental notes, and embrace a budding spa friendship.

Happy Spa Week!

Spa wishes,

PS. Please, please, please do not forget to tip. Giving 15-20% of the original cost of the treatment is your way of showing your appreciation for their dedication and service.

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