SO many have you have been enthused about the wonders of acupuncture recently, and while I know a bunch of you are trying it for the first time this Spa Week (woo!) many of you I know are still a little freaked out. For those of you teetering on the edge, sitting on pins and needles at the thought of needles, or for those who are just plain curious about what it’s really like to go get acupuncture, tune in today, April 12th at 2pm EST (possibly more like 2:15) for the Live Spa TV demo at Green Tea Massage & Spa in New York City.

I’ve blogged about the granddaddy of healing a bunch of times here, most recently in Acupuncture – From Facelifts to Fertility (Mariah Carey said it helped her get pregnant) and last summer I blogged my acupuncture facial which has many of the appearance benefits of a facelift, minus the surgery.

With over 40 known conditions it treats, something or other is going to be looking/feeling way better after this segment is over. See you at 2! PLEASE chat below to ask me and my acupuncturist any questions you may have—there’s no one I’d rather hear from while I have needles in my chest than you.

Post-puncture UPDATE:

Woah do I feel like a million bucks! Just got back to the office – if you missed the livestream, here are the recordings below— this first one is just the intro.

But before I get to the acupuncture, let me start with the surprise massage they did (they wanted me to be able to blog the full Green Tea experience). Seriously— it was SO amazing that I convinced them to update their Spa Week listing to accommodate all the wonderful, therapeutic modalities used: Now you can get the 60 Min “Everything Massage” including Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu (walking on your back), Stretching and Reflexology. And I suggest you do.

Green Tea will give your body so much massage loving in every single spot it’s begging for it—and if that means hopping on the table and stretching you legs back, or holding onto the bars on the ceiling and gliding all over your back and upper arms with their feet (Ashiatsu), so be it. I’ve always been a huge fan of small Asian spas for the most hard core massages, and Green Tea truly delivered a masterpiece.

Now, the acupuncture: My back has been hurting a bit this week for some reason, so since the Spa Week treatment gears towards pain management, it was perfect. Maybe that’s why my back started hurting—so I’d have something to heal. Anyway, I’ve gotten acupuncture on my back once before, and this time was very different. Something tells me this is the true Asian way, while the other time was maybe a ritzy seventh generation American way.

My acupuncturist Michelle Yan had a special way of nudging the needles into my body—it wasn’t terribly painful but she definitely “made sure” each needle was in. Focusing on my back pain, she placed the needles in my upper back, down my spine, in the backs of my knee caps and one near my left heel. At first I was a bit uncomfortable and couldn’t really get my mind to rest. Then all of  sudden, I began felt a surge of delightful energy through my body as I drifted off into an almost-snooze. I couldn’t believe how much I felt a difference from beginning to end of the session. It was absolutely dreamy!

After about 20 or 30 minutes Michelle came back to remove the needles, a process I didn’t even feel because of her special technique of circling the skin around the needle before removing each one. And now—I feel just fantastic and pain-free. Now, I know how I usually feel after a massage, and I can tell you that this feeling is notably different. It feels as though I’ve been breathing in cleaner oxygen and my blood stream is suddenly carrying more vibrant blood cells to my back. It had to be the acupuncture.

As a bit of a massage junkie, I would recommend anyone doing this combination in a heartbeat. Acupuncture alone works wonders, but if you’re not used to it, an invigorating massage will definitely round out your day of holistic, therapeutic healing.

Green Tea Massage & Spa
240 East 28th Street
New York, NY 10016

$50 Spa Week Treatments

  • 60 Min Deep Tissue Massage or Hot Stone Combination Massage 60 Min “Everything Massage” including Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu, Stretching and Reflexology
  • Pain Management with Acupuncture or Reflexology
  • 60 Min Deep Cleansing Facial with Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Also visit their sister spa, offering the same $50 treatments:

Green Tea 38 Spa
38 West 38th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

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