This one goes out to all my Beatles Fans!

Do you want to know a secret? As you may or may not know, I have two very distinct online personalities. One is the spa-loving, massage and facial indulging, beauty and health blogging, social media director of Spa Week.

The other is the Beatle-obsessed hippie child social media director of my family’s biz, The Fest For Beatles Fans.

Sometimes they come together. Like this morning:

I wanted to take this moment to introduce the two of you— because BEATLES FANS, this week is National Spa Week, which means you can get spa treatments for ONLY $50 at spas across the universe! Or at least the country. New York, New Jersey, Chicago, California, you name it. Spa Week $50 deals are available until April 17th, and many spas extend longer. Pamper yourself, because… I’ve got a feeling John, Paul, George and Ringo would totally approve after a hard day’s night.

SpaWeekers, if you love The Beatles, here’s your access to thousands of Beatles items—even some spa-like things such as Beatles makeup purses and compact mirrors, towels, shower curtains and more.

So, all together NOW… go book yourself a long, long, long $50 spa indulgence for this week… being for the benefit of…. YOU!

All you need is Spa,

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