Ever been to a wedding where the bride and the groom were picture perfect, the décor was plucked straight from a bridal magazine, but the music was an unfortunate disaster? A bad band, pitch-y singer, or an unprepared DJ can completely throw off the whole vibe. There is nothing worse than seeing a bride mope around her reception because the master of music can’t get the playlist right. Even worse, being stuck with a pompous band chiming in with the drums like a badly timed joke. Then the night is over and your guest will remember your wedding by how bad the music was. We put the dress, food and décor so high up on the list, but the ambiance has to be set right. Here are a few tips to avoid a musical disaster on your wedding day. Cue the music!

  1. Research, Research, Research! – This is not a task you take to Google Search — you have to thoroughly research the band that will be playing the music for your ceremony. As much as we would like to keep the whole ceremony a huge hush-hush surprise, it is safer to build a list of references from friends that have dealt with the company before. If you go with an agency keep in mind you could be charged 15-20% outside of the musician’s fees.
  2. Draw Up a Contract – A contract insures that you expectations be met during the wedding. Take the lead when it comes to this. When you come to them with a contract it shows you mean business. Outline when they should arrive and how long you expect them to play.
  3. Hear the Music – Yes, this is an obvious step, but many engaged couples don’t take the time to do this. When the choices are narrowed down take a weekend a few months ahead of the wedding day to how your musician plays.
  4. Build a Playlist – Here comes the fun part. Put on your dancing shoes and call your bridal party over to help you build your playlist. Don’t forget to include suggestions from hubby-to-be. P.S. – You can’t go wrong with the Cheesiest Love Songs of All Time. Okay, maybe you can.
  5. Discuss the Flow for the Night – To avoid abrupt interruption assign someone from your wedding party to stay on top of the band throughout the duration of the affair. Let them know the tempo of music you want played during different parts of the ceremony. Get in sync with your music man and then have fun!

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