One of our favorite, simple girly rites? Rosy cheeks. Check out these fantastic cheek cheerer-uppers:


Cheek to Chic Duo #5 by Napolean Perdis

I discovered this blush backstage at Elise Overland’s fashion on ice ordeal this past February. The models’ look wasn’t rosy (the freezing cold air outside The Standard did that for them) but if it was, this duo would have been perfect. I like to pile on the lighter color – it has just the right amount of hue and shimmer. The bright pink can be a bit scary if you use more than a drop, or if you’re wearing red. Use sparingly, embrace your inner Barbie. – $28

Blossom Blush in Sweet Mum (2nd color combo) by Jill Stuart

I’m not going to lie. The packaging won me over on this one. But… that’s not to say it’s not a great product. Using this blush makes me feel 5 again, playing Pretty Pretty Princess. It smells like roses and has sparkling jewels on the casing. You have to shake it strategically to get the right consistency of powder to surface on the netting, without dropping any on the floor. Five year olds love games. It goes on really softly and gently, and works well on top of a brighter color for a sweet angelic shimmer. – $57

Desire (shimmering pink) by Lorac

Every day, my coworker Dina comes in with perfectly rosy dots on her cheeks… and I may or may not have a slight crush. Blush is “her thing” and this Lorac color is her homeboy. I’ve borrowed from Dina on occasion—apply sparingly! Although I don’t own this color, this made the list because it looks darling on Dina, and I’ve also loved any Lorac products I’ve tried and find them to last longer on your skin than average –$20

Rouge Pur 52 Lipstick by YSL

Hmmm, it looks like a lipstick, quacks like a lipstick… this is indeed a lipstick. Not just any lipstick – my SOUL MATE lipstick. I love it so much, I keep one everywhere, much like people keep Chapsticks everywhere. This photo doesn’t do the color justice, it is so bright and coral and stunning! I have tried every comparable color in Sephora and Bloomingdales, and there is not one that compares to the vibrancy and splendor of my baby YSL. I wear it more in the spring and summer, but a dreary January ice storm can’t stop me from a hint of this Rouge Pur. Okay, now I’m gushing. But you are still wondering why the lipstick on the short list. Well, I’m not “recommending” you do this because it may or may have a bad reaction with your skin if it’s sensitive, but I use this as my blush all the time. Not because I ran out of Napolean Perdis, but because it simply looks the best. There. I said it. – $30

Now go get flushed!

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