If you’ve had a long day, you live for the “head” part of any massage, and you live in New York City, then DON’T stop reading. Kaitlin in our office went to visit Head Massage NYC, a new addition to our gift card program (get 10% off for Mother’s Day right now!!) specializing in calming the mind and spirit through the art of Champissage – the Indian Scalp Massage.

By Kaitlin S.

Stress is no stranger to the busy girl on-the-go. At times there is so much to do that I feel on edge–I’m sure you can relate. In order to cull the headaches, slight tinges of pain, and even the urge to scream sometimes, I went on a search for some urgent R&R the only way I know how — a personalized spa experience focused on just me.

Yes, I got a little selfish and took my stressful self after work to Head Massage NYC where I received the the full package. The spa was small but personalized and my therapist, Denise used her certified holistic healing training to make me a happy client. Before she went in for the kill, she quizzed me on everything stressor under the sun. Questions ranged from how do I feel after eating certain foods to what would be best suited for my stomach. The all-encompassing approach helps her to identify exactly what your needs are and what she can do to best suit- you.

On to the feature presentation. Champissage, also known as the Indian head massage, is a long practiced technique to provide stress and pain relief as well as balances your energy flow. It’s the western philosophy that seeks to help you using natural practices mixed with your daily routine. Denise’s mission is to provide the healing treatments and build awareness of alternative methods for curing overly stressed New Yorkers. Denise combined unique strokes and technique that had me counting sheep. The slow relaxing strokes through your scalp, neck and shoulders  really puts you in an optimal state of comfort.

A bonus for me is that the service can be tailored to either invigorate or relax. Since it was 9 pm and I was already anxious from a long day, I opted for the relaxing treatment. Forty five minutes later, so calm that I actually fell asleep, I was made a believer. I advise anyone in need of a little relaxation, to put your stress in the hands of Denise at Head Massage NYC.

Head Massage NYC
135 East 17th Street
New York, NY 10003

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