Spa Week is over, but the memories and benefits are everlasting! One of the greatest rewards for us is hearing about how Spa Week has touched your life. We asked for your Spa Week stories, and this is the week you get to read the 5 winners, all who will receive $50 Spa Week Gift Cards to use for their next spa treatment.

We’ve all been there. Faces with the looming fear of having to cancel an anticipated spa appointment due to a thick row of cars on Fifth Avenue your cab driver can’t seem to get around. Don’t panic! Well you shouldn’t if you’re like Valerie headed to Deva Spa for a $50 Spa Week treatment.

Spa Week Story #2

I love my Deva Spa in New York City, but there is nothing like traffic in the city to try your patience, and tie your nerves into the tightest stress knots.  On the day of my pampering, traffic was particularly bad from river to river.  One detour after another only left me trapped in a gridlock nightmare that tormented me with the threat of canceling my 3 hours of 3 Spa Week treatments! Oh nooo!  I was determined not to give up.  However, instead of arriving 20 minutes early as planned, I arrived an hour late!!

Grrrrr!  Suffice it to say, my pedicurist and my esthetician had their work cut out for them to de-stress this client.  But alas, it was a piece of cake for them!  Or should I say a piece of Biscotti, a nice pot of hot Chamomile tea, and absolutely the most luxurious pedicure and foot massage ever!  I’ve been rescued!  Then came my body scrub and facial, which left me truly glowing and grinning from ear to ear!  All the staff were so reasonable  and accommodating and professional in helping me to feel so relaxed and comfortable, that I had tears of joy.  Afterwards, when my husband came to pick me up, I could not stop raving about my heavenly Deva Spaaaa expericene all the way home! And that made him very happy too.

Submitted by Valerie Miller

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