Spa Week is over, but the memories and benefits are everlasting! One of the greatest rewards for us is hearing about how Spa Week has touched your lives. We asked for your Spa Week stories, and this is the week you get to read the 5 winners, all who will receive $50 Spa Week Gift Cards to use for their next spa treatment.

For some, Spa Week is a chance to snag a luxurious facial or a stress relieving massage at a bargain, but for Madeleine it was all about the scrub.

Spa Week Story #3

I wasn’t new to Korean body scrubs, but this experience, a 60 Min Authentic Korean Body Scrub with Cucumber Facial Treatment at TriBeCa Spa of Tranquility, turned me into a believer.

It started with a 5-minute steam. My attendant, Grace, then led me into a nice and clean bathroom where l lied down on a bed. She scrubbed me inch by inch with these magic gloves, and I could smell a hint of Ginseng the whole time. Warm water washed over me after she did each section and it was very soothing. You could actually see how much dead skin was scrubbed off. Then, she applied a cool, aloe-like gel all over my body, and started cleaning my face and covering it with fresh cucumber strips. Finally, she shampooed my hair and gave me the most amazing head massage. It was so relaxing I wish it would last forever. And then it was done. I was left with this unbelievably smooth skin. She even told me I didn’t have to use body lotion, and at the time I was doubtful because my skin does tend to be on the dry side. But it’s been more than a week now and I have not had to use any lotion yet. My skin just stays smooth and for some reason did not dry out like it usually did. It even glows!

I’m glad I snatched up the promotion the spa was offering and bought 6 more treatments at the same $50 price. It should last me until the next Spa Week.

Submitted by Madeleine Truax

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