Spa Week is over, but the memories and benefits are everlasting! One of the greatest rewards for us is hearing about how Spa Week has touched your lives. We asked for your Spa Week stories, and this is the week you get to read the 5 winners, all who will receive $50 Spa Week Gift Cards to use for their next spa treatment.

Anna or not, our fifth and final Spa Week story winner walked away from her facial at Spa At The Lake with a whole lot of newness.

My mother was in town from New Orleans to help me and my boyfriend look for our first house, and I was thrilled that her visit coincided with Spa Week. I booked her, a dear friend, and myself for facials, massages and deep conditioning at the Spa at the Lake in Lakeway, TX. It’s so easy to splurge without splurging! My aesthetician was Anna, and we talked the whole time about economics, growing up in Warsaw, and how much she loves what she does. I told her that I loved the name Anna so much, that I told my ballet teacher it was my name… and she didn’t find out otherwise for a whole year.

After the facial, Anna gave me a big hug and told me, “You look like an Anna. You would make a good Anna.” I beamed, and not just from the vitamin C facial. That afternoon, looking at homes for sale across South Austin during a gorgeous spring day, we ladies felt glamorous and relaxed. And of course we found the perfect house. How else would this story end? We’re just waiting to hear back from the seller now… wish us luck! Thanks for a great day, Spa Week.

~Anna (for now), Austin, TX


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