Last week, something awful happened to me when I was on the train. I was minding my own business, checking my Facebook news feed, when I heard the one noise no one wants to hear at 8:30am: the “traditional ringer” of an iPhone on loud. A passenger about three rows ahead of me was now rummaging through his jacket pocket trying to answer his cell phone. I cringed with each ring. I was hardly awake; my eardrums were not ready for that type of abuse.

After he found the devil’s device, something even more horrible happened: he answered it. He started shouting about some sort of deal or contracts something or other. All I could think was, “Is this guy serious?” I could see the passengers around me rolling their eyes and glaring at this guy over their morning papers.  No one had had enough coffee to deal with this torture. How rude! It was at this point I turned to my iPod for some relief. While my variety of music drowned out Mr. Cell Phone’s boisterous conversation, the high volume made me feel even more anxious. I was so irritated not even some feel good Earth Wind and Fire could make me cool down.

I wish I had known then what I know now. The popular music app and internet radio website, Slacker Radio announced the addition of new stations to their platform last Thursday, including a station called “Spa Radio.” Slacker describes the station as, “healing, contemplative music – the soundtrack to a day at the spa, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy or just relaxing at home.” They should have added, “Perfect for annoying situations while riding public transportation.”  I now have the app on my phone and listen to soothing harmonies on the train. It helps me feel relaxed and calm as I ride to work and picture myself getting a soothing Swedish massage or a reflexology treatment. The best part: I can drown out everyone on the train while still feeling centered and completely Zen.

Dear Slacker Radio,

Thank you for helping me stay sane.



Click here to listen to the Spa station on Slacker Radio.

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