Fashion is an extension of self, but what of that “self” underneath? Your skin, your muscles, your energy, your balance and your body as a whole? Spa and fashion interplay every single day: You style yourself with the handbags, jeans, anti-aging serums and body scents that give you confidence. Your passion for great skin and style alike are reflected in your everyday choices and appearance. Your deep yearning for the latest It-Shoe is not too dissimilar from your desire for an indulgent deep tissue massage at the hottest new spa in town. And may I ask… where did you get that goddamn gorgeous glow?

The idea came to me about a month ago to partner with fashion bloggers for spa fashion shoots; it spawned from my daily Google-image searching  for “facial” and “hot stone massage”—was there no creativity out there? Does everything spa have to be so similar? And suddenly I felt all fingers pointing back at me; if I’m indeed the editor of the biggest spa blog (in the world?), not to mention the founder and once-editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, is it not my job to change the status quo? Mission: realized.

I tapped the fashionable duo Abigail Breslin and Emily Bache of to kick things off with a spicy spa photo story—these girls are a total trip. They blog together, live together in a one-bedroom (with their photographer/graphic designer/sidekick Scott), they style and model in campaigns for clients together, and they’ve been sharing a closet since eighth grade when they lived across the street from each other.

I chose the decadently decorated Spa Martier (of 24K Gold Facial fame) as the Wanderlust photo shoot location. The spa not only has a full salon for hair, nails and makeup, it also just so happens to be conveniently tucked underneath Caffé Martier for your spa day appetite, and Martier Boutique, a high-end fashion destination with all the gorgeous clothing, accessories and jewelery a stylist could ever want.

WanderLust photography: Scott Kosiorek
Models: Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin of (wander over to their Facebook page too)
Styling, Creative Direction: Michelle Joni Lapidos (Spa Week Daily) with Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin

Location, hair, makeup and nails: Spa Martier
Chocolate Mousse mugs: Caffé Martier
All clothing, jewelry and accessories (except sunglasses): Martier Boutique
All jewelry is 24 Karat Gold by Mediterra

Romper by Alexis
Dress by Ra Mana La Rue
Shoes by Sergio Zelce

Shoes by Sergio Zelce

Belts by Motif
Shoes by Sergio Zelce

Couch/Relaxation Area:
Dresses by Alexis
Shoes by Velvet Angels

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