It’s Friday the 13th… are you feeling especially unlucky because you put off half the projects you were supposed to do this week? Last weekend your procrastination solution came in the form of last minute Spa Week gift cards, but this week we want to help you change your ways. From one procrastinator to another, don’t wait until later to read this.

Guest contributor: Healing Lifestyles & Spas

We all procrastinate. For some of us, its such second nature that we literally don’t give it a second thought. For others, it’s almost debilitating. To check your procrastination at the door, follow these tips.

1. Become aware of the procrastination itself, and note when and what you tend to procrastinate. Bringing your attention to the fact that you’re procrastinating helps you get to the root of the procrastination.

2. Ask yourself why you want to put off the task at hand. Very often there is an emotional trigger behind procrastination. Maybe you are afraid of failing, or of just not being perfect. Perhaps you loathe the task, or doubt your ability to perform it. Exploring the emotion driving you can help address any irrational beliefs that are leading to procrastination.

3. Set a goal. Acknowledge the emotions you are feeling and create a plan to address them so that you can move forward in a timely manner.

4. Make a commitment. Instead of “I’ll try to start this project today,” say, “I’m going to do x, y and z toward launching this project today.” Make your actions specific, and commit to following through.

5. Finally, get started. It sounds so easy, but the ultimate solution to ending procrastination is to just get going. Remember, when you procrastinate, you are wasting time, and your time is valuable.

—tips courtesy of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy school of counseling

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