I absolutely loved this little Mother’s Day spa story sent to me by one of our readers, Ana B. The spa day  took place at “Ana’s Day Spa” in NYC… and the guacamole facial, manicure and full body massage may not have been 5 stars, but they were delivered with little fingers and a whole lot of love.

Last year I separated from my husband and moved back to NYC with two children to raise on my own. I had been through so much and wished I had enough money to go to a spa to be pampered if only for a day but that’s not possible with 2 kids, one salary, and living in the city. On mother’s day my daughter instead turned our apartment into a spa… She gave me a guacamole facial and even put cucumbers on my eyes!  She gave me a manicure, which was a bit messy but I didn’t care, and the massage made up for all the stress I had been through. The best part of my “Spa’’ was being able to really relax and afterwards I just felt so refreshed and revitalized. Sure the techniques and treatments weren’t 5 stars but the end result was an amazing feeling of appreciation for what I did have.

Have you shared an at-home mother-daughter spa day lately? What about a father-daughter spa day? Tell us below! Also, read these 10 tips for Bonding Over Beauty from expert and author Erika Katz. Take advantage of spa and beauty rituals by transforming them into unforgettable bonding experiences during those precious years.

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