Do you steer clear of black cats? Never open an umbrella indoors? If you believe in curses, jinxes and black magic, then you’re probably aware that today is Friday the 13th. On this most unlucky of days, we have complied a list of 10 feel good, Zen inspired, Feng Shui, home goods all under $10 that are sure to repel even the most ill mannered spirits and bad luck omens. Knock on wood.

Mini Zen Gardening Kit
Create your own mini sanctuary, young grasshopper. Walmart, $5.00

Lemongrass Reed Diffuser
Purge the air of offensive odors and the occasional dark spirit. Bed Bath and Beyond, $9.99

Floating Waterlily Candles
Bathe by candle light to wash away any your bad luck, $8.00/set of 2

Bamboo Tabletop Fountain
The sound of running water lapping over smooth pebbles is sure to relax your mind, spirit… and bladder. Bonanza, $10.00

Buddha Switch-plate Cover
Banish darkness and turn on the light with this hand painted light switch cover., $10.00


Feng Shui Wind Chime
The harmonious notes from this chime can be used to purify your space indoors and out., $9.99

Folding Fans
Decorate your digs with these adorable Asian-inspired fans. Plus, they’re perfect for the summer! Oriental Trading Co, $3.49/dozen

Bamboo Flower Vase
Bring nature indoors with some fresh cut flowers in this Zen vase, created by Ty Pennington. Sears, $9.99

Pebble Soap Stones
Wash away any residual negative energy with these cute and clean soaps. Amazon, $9.99

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