School is winding down, the weather is getting nice and summer is almost upon us… and hopefully you’ve got a sunroof. While on your journey to relaxation (spa resort? music festival?) take a listen to these trippin’ favorites (thanks for your recommendations!). If you’re driving or sitting for more than a few miles, try these 5 road trip workouts below to keep your body as entertained as your ears. Whether it’s a Free Ride down Electric Avenue, you’re on the Highway To Hell, or you’ve got No Particular Place To Go… baby you were Born To Run

Now, the toning part:

Exercising while driving (or sitting) is all about isometrics. The isolation and contraction specific muscles helps to engage and strengthen them just like other traditional moves like push-ups or squats. Here are some fun exercises to try behind the wheel.  Just be careful and pay attention to your driving and traffic. There are not many health benefits to a fender bender. Missing work, maybe.

Abs: Sit up straight with your shoulders back.  Grip the wheel at 10 and 2. Where the seatbelt hits your waist will be the target for this exercise. Focus on this area and every time you pass a speed limit sign, squeeze for 10-15 seconds. As you let go, give a big breath out. This contraction is similar to that of a sit-up.

Biceps: Try some steering wheel curls. Grip the wheel with both hands near the base of the wheel with your wrists pointing towards the car ceiling. Pull up and toward you. When you feel the most tension, hold the squeeze for 15-20 seconds. Don’t pull too hard, as it is easy to damage the steering shaft this way. Just pull enough to flex your biceps and shoulders.

Kegels: Thanks to celebs like Oprah and Dr. Oz, the world knows what Kegel exercises are. Try these at the next red light. Do some rapid fire squeezes, (clench “down there” like you are stopping a pee stream). Try to contract and release as fast as possible before the light turns green. Plus, the giggling you will be doing knowing that all the other drives are clueless you’re working out your private parts will also burn lots of extra cals.

Chest and Shoulders: The next time you’re in traffic, grasp the wheel at 9 and 3 with your knuckles facing in like you are trying to read a watch both wrists. Now lean forward and pull out like you are trying to stretch the wheel. You will feel the tension in your upper arms, chest and shoulders. Burn baby, burn.

Another great move to try is having great posture. Constantly telling yourself to sit up straight is a great reminder that you have abs and need to use them in order to support your body. If you practice the art of slouching (like I do), then after about 10mins of driving in the upright position will feel like a work out. Your body will get used to sitting properly again, you just have to practice.

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