Have you or someone you know ever suffered from travel skin? Travel skin often occurs around the time of a highly anticipated vacation. It starts with pre-trip stress blemishes, turns into mid-trip flakes and roughness and ends with post- trip dullness. To avoid the vicious cycle of wacked out skin, we asked skin care expert, Christine Carlton, owner of T Carlton’s Spalon in Smithtown, NY for her advice on how to keep skin healthy while on holiday.

How can I keep my skin in tip-top shape while traveling this summer?
Hydration, hydration, hydration!!!  Keeping skin balanced will prevent dry flakes and an uneven skin tone. Consider a Tinted Moisturizer with SPF for light weight coverage during the day and a spray mist (like Evian Mineral Water Spray: Sephora, $10) to keep skin moist on the plane.

What techniques/regime should I do on the go?
Never towel dry your skin. At home or when traveling let your face absorb excess water on its own or blot with a paper towel. Rubbing towels on your skin can cause irritation as well as expose it to the harsh chemicals and bleaches used when laundering (especially at hotels where they use extra-powerful detergents for large loads). Even if you think a towel is clean folded in the hotel bathroom, there is still the chance of dust; airborne impurities (like Windex or air freshener from the Housekeeping Service) have ended up on your hotel towels. To dry freshly washed skin, lightly dab with a washcloth packed from home.
What products should I use? How?
I love janMarini Age Intervention Peptide Extreme (Dermstore, $89) that keeps skin perfectly hydrated and balanced with antioxidants while fighting free radicals (like airplane smog). Top it off with your tinted moisturizer and set with a mineral powder that also includes SPF (like Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil: Sephora, $19) to ensure healthy protected skin in a few simple steps! Wishing you endless wellness, -Christine.

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Happy Travels!

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