It burns calories and loses weight for you. It helps people with chronic pain, injury, arthritis, fiber mialga and even cancer. It reduces acne, scarring, discoloration and cellulite. It turns up your libido. It cures hangovers. Equipped with NASA technology and LED lights, it’s called The Pod – a spa machine that seems to have traveled through time, landing UFO-style on 59th and Madison in NYC just a few months ago, for those who need it most.

Let me first introduce you to the “Pod Guru” Amalia “Amy” de Mier who owns and operates The Pod Spa, a one-podded room located in the sleek and modern Office of Integrated Medicine.  She has not worked out in 3 years, yet has defined muscles and tight abs courtesy of The Pod. Amy showed me scars that have diminished thanks to the Pod, although she’s been podding less as of lately, because she is actively trying to gain weight so that she can do a fat grafting from her stomach into her butt. “I’m Brazilian, but right now you would never know it.” Amy recently moved her business from Florida to New Jersey and now to New York in hopes to get her Pod noticed in a grandiose way.

Amy is a character for sure, filled with undying passion for the Pod way of life and the way she has been able to help others with it over the years. She’s one of the sole distributors of The Pod nationwide—you can find them at Planet Beach locations among others as DIY spa treatments. But Amalia is a very smart and highly creative woman – hers is the only location that provides one-on-one service while in the Pod, making it not just a manually operated slim-down or healing session, but a full, head-to-toe spa experience.

As you’ll see in the video, I left a pretty happy camper. What you don’t get in the 5 minute clip (taken on my iPhone) is that this was a full hour and a half spa treatment with an array of lotions and scrubs and fat-burners applied, in between which I was left to doze off in a state of deep Podding relaxation. There was also a collagen lip and eye treatment (above left), a CO2 mask (right), an oxygen facial, and Amy also gave me oxygen in a tube to breathe, which heightens alertness, boosts energy, promotes healing and is vital to your immune system. Now how often do you get that in a spa treatment!

In the video you’ll hear all about the benefits, but if you’re like me and thinking it sounds a like a gimmick and too good to be true, ladies and gentlemen, The Pod Guru’s testimonials speak for themselves. Her clients are loyal and ever-grateful for the way she’s helped them lose weight, get their libido back, clear acne, heal from injury faster than doctors thought possible, and overcome various disabilities. Read these below, in all their unedited glory:

I have to say I was a little skeptical at first. My lower back was killing me. I had 3 sessions in the Pod. I must say it took my back pain away. I felt more energy the entire day. my body felt energized!!!!! I would recommend the Pod to any person with nagging injuries. Oh did I mention it also helps you lose weight. – Bobby Gator

First let me say that i am a personal trainer for over 20 yrs. A couple of years back I was preparing for a bodybuilding competition and was trying extremely hard to expell some water i was holding in my lower back . i had tried everything extra cardio suanas and steam room and even wrapping my midsection in saran wrap at bed time. just 3 weeks out from my show a friend recommended i try a place called the pod spa. I was skeptical to say the least. much to my surprise the pod sucked that water right out in only a few sessions and even tightened up some lose skin i had in my abdomen which at the age of 44 i thought was impossible to do. amazingly that was just the tip of the iceberg I was recovering faster from my workouts and my body was going longer and longer into my training sessions without running out of gas and building up lactic acid . I 100% recommend the POD SPA and its POD MASTER or as i call them my secret weapon.  – EDDIE RODRIGUEZ-NSCA-CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER/ 2011 NGA MR.GARDEN STATE MASTERS CHAMPION

Amy, my session was amazing.!!!!!.. I still feel like I am walking on a cloud!! One of the side effects of My particular Chemo was the light numbness of hand and feet, insomnia, water retention, poor circulation,.etc. You made me feels my hands again… and took away all my discomfort that I have been dealing with for almost 4 years. You saved me a lot of money,wasteful visits, aggravation going to all these doctors to see no absolutely NO results. I Really cant get over it!! OMG – and my facial-wow…. I feel & look like I had botox .(without any needles of course)..My skin feels silky smooth..I slept really well and no back aches.,lost 1 lb. Feel rejuvenated. I especially love the fact that I am getting rid of all those deadly toxins out of my body from all that Chemotherapy! I will be seeing you tomorrow & Thursday!!I am hooked!! – Roxy Fales!

Amy – I feel fabulous! I had my first session today and I have so much energy….I have not stopped since I got home and am still going. My facial was fabulous. I cannot believe I dropped 2 1/2 lbs in such a short time frame and I can’t wait to come back for more! The POD party was great! Good friends, good conversations, and PODDING, what more can one ask for? – Marisol De La Paz.

I have been to 5 sessions at The Pod and when I first went I was in terrible shape, my back had been hurting me and I wasn’t able to walk. After just 3 sessions I was walking straight and was able to go back to work. I have a skin disorder and my skin has cleared up 100%, I also noticed that I had more energy and slept better. ***** Carlo Oropesa

Read more on her website and on The Pod Spa’s Facebook page.

Treatments range in price depending on what services you’d like to include, and how long you want your treatment to be.

SPA WEEK DAILY DEAL: Mention this blog post, and Amalia will give you DOUBLE the podding if you use a Spa Week Gift Card. So, you can get $100 of podding with a $50 gift card. I recommend it, truly!

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