Column by: Kavita Jhaveri-Patel

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, what a great kick off to the summer. I was in San Francisco this past weekend, having a good old time attending a wedding, and I realized that we are fully in wedding season. Then it dawned on me that many of you are going to be attending weddings this summer, so here is my #1 tip to get you feeling confident about yourself to get you to lose weight by accident.

This tip is not my norm but I feel it has to be said and although it may sound slightly cheesy try it out. We all need a little cheese in our life every now and then! I went so far as to label the tip LOVE THYSELF.

Love Thyself – Have you heard the cliché what you resist persists? If you haven’t now you have, and by the way it is so true. Resisting your current body will only keep the lbs on and further more leave you feeling helpless, frustrated, and annoyed. So, freaking love yourself up now!

Take post its, write down kind words that your best friend would say about you. If you must talk it through with a close friend, do it. This is to help you realize all the great body and mind qualities you have, and most of the time we can’t see past our own flaws, so get someone that loves you involved. Take these “love notes” and post them up on your bathroom mirror, on the dashboard of your car, or even text them to yourself. I want you to write things like “I am too sexy for my shirt”, and stuff like that. It should of course be in your words, but that is the kind of thing I am talking about.

Also, by the way there is some science backing this craziness up. When you are feeling confident and loving yourself, even in small spurts of time, you relax and when you relax your body is NOT in emergency mode. When your body goes into emergency stress mode, your body shuts off the calorie burning machine to conserve, and no fat can be lost. However, in relaxation mode you will jump start your metabolism and you will start to see some changes physically AND mentally.

There is a method to my madness!

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Body confidence expert and health and lifestyle speaker Kavita Jhaveri-Patel is a Weight-Loss Coach committed to helping women find their paths to losing weight and keeping it off by taking small steps to lead a healthier, thinner and more energetic life. She has been featured in Time Out New York, Healthy Style NY, and has been mentioned on FoxLive News. Receive her free report 7 Mistakes Most Women Make When Trying to Lose Weight and How to Avoid Them by clicking here.

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