The Little Luxury: Fekkai ‘Beachcomber’ Leave-In Conditioner with SPF: $24.00

Relationship status: Beach Buddies

How it works: With the push of the pump, spritz this nourishing leave-in conditioner onto wet tresses to instantly detangle and rehydrate fried locks.

Advice for first time users: After hopping out of the pool, rinse hair under fresh water to wash out chlorine and harmful chemicals. Then spray Beachcomber from tips to root (bottom to top) for instant softness and shine. Comb through for even distribution.

Trial and error: When going from beach to boardwalk, apply sparingly at the scalp on wet hair to avoid an over greased look when dry.

Best of all: It’s infused with a UV shield that helps protects hair and scalp while preventing color-fading (chemically colored and natural hues can lose brilliance with over-exposure to the sun’s ray).

Hot Stone Scale (1-6): 5

This Little Luxury Report was brought to you by: Stephanie Cavataro

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