Even if your desk isn’t situated on the beach for a nine-to-five tanning marathon, job stress alone is enough to make wrinkles squiggle their way through your forehead. Fight it! Fight it now! My personal commitment to fighting stress and wrinkles is to leave work ON TIME. Why can everyone else be out the door at 6:30, but I’m still chugging away for another hour or two? I know most employees don’t have this problem, but for my fellow workaholics out there, I’m the first to tell you it’s no good for your health or skin. Work less, sleep more… and while you’re on the grind, here’s the plan:

From Massachusetts dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, featured on Healing Lifestyles & Spas, check out a few easy-to-remember wrinkle-fighting favorites:

  • Don’t sit with your palm pushed onto your face. You’ll increase your chances of facial creases over time.
  • Drink lots of pure, filtered water from your office water cooler to stave off dehydration and keep your skin moist and fresh.
  • Keep a piece of fresh fruit at your desk for an antioxidant boost during the day.
  • Have a bottle of moisturizer on hand to apply throughout the day when your skin feels parched.

Ready for more wrinkle-fighting reminders? Here are a few must-do hints from HLS, simple but we tend to forget even the simple when tending to our skin.


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