It ain’t easy being green, but there’s a sweet daily newsletter out there that’s making tree-hugging simpler, cooler and more fun than ever before. It’s called Your Daily Thread, chock full of new products, ideas, deals, guides, videos, events and giveaways… all to make your life more wholesome and the planet a better place to live. Based in LA, the company is helmed by eco-preneur Tracy Hepler—yes the same person who came with me to the Thai Sabai massage—who’s passionate about (and awesome at) inspiring others to live green and do good. Not to mention she’s fairly famous for making all natural deodorant from scratch. SIGN UP NOW, pass along to your Kermit-like friends, and peep some of the fun things you’ll start learn.

Throw an eco-friendly beach party! (Starting with not letting your trash blow away, of course.)

Did you know green can make you look tan? Check out these 5 eco-chic swimsuit lines.

So many shades of green! Daydream of sunny eco-friendly beach parties at the office with Pentel Recycology writing instruments, made out of 50% – 100% recycled materials, and often refillable.

If you’re sweating these hot ideas, after signing up you better make your own eco-friendly deodorant QUICK.

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