Guest Contributor: Shelby Jones, Public Relations Manager, ISPA

Eat your vegetables, listen to your elders and sit up straight are all bits of motherly advice that you’ve heard countless times. Even if you didn’t take mom’s advice there’s still time to make amends. You can turn to your local spa for a treatment many of us aren’t very familiar with.

Rolfing is a massage technique that was developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the 1920’s that can help improve your posture and alleviate back pain. It basically reorganizes the fascia or connective tissues of the body.  The treatment uses deep muscular manipulation and massage for the relief of rigid muscles, bones and joints. It is designed to improve energy flow and relieve stress that is most often related to emotional trauma.

A complete Rolfing treatment consists of a series of ten sessions which progress from superficial to deeper layers of tissue, and from localized areas of constriction to an overall reorganization of larger body segments.

You should be prepared because like deep tissue massage this treatment can be intense and sometimes even painful.

Dr. Oz tried it out on the Oprah show (R.I.P.) and explained what the treatment is all about. “Rolfing literally releases the joints,” Dr. Oz says. “When you talk to folks about the impact it has on them, a lot of them just stand taller. A lot is just freeing you up to live the way you’re supposed to live.”

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Shelby Jones is based in Lexington, KY at the ISPA headquarters, Spa Week’s exclusive trade partner. She has worked as ISPA’s Public Relations Manager for five years where she connects with top media outlets to promote ISPA members and the spa lifestyle. To get in touch with Shelby please visit, email her at or follow @ISPADoYou on Twitter.



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