School is winding down and Father’s Day is fast approaching. To honor your favorite teacher, recent grad or special Dad give the gift of choice with the SpaWeek Gift Card. Now through June 30, SpaWeek Gift Cards are 15% OFF! If you already got a gift, don’t worry… The SpaWeek Gift Card is a perfect addition and goes with ANY gift. Seriously. Here are some examples of how the SpaWeek Gift Card can take any gift from bad to rad…

If you get your Pop a Daddle (a saddle for your little cowboy) be sure to include a SpaWeek Gift Card so he can get a therapeutic, deep tissue massage after playing down at the O.K. Carpet Corall.

Pee-eww! Offensive in more ways then one! Gag gifts can be cute, but if Dad’s bear claws really do stink, the SpaWeek Gift Card can help. A soothing de-stinkifying pedicure with peppermint scrub and a leg massage can save Dad’s smelly tootsies and your nose.

Happy Graduation! Here’s a bathroom scale, that Freshman 15 really took it’s toll. Ouch, if your misguided attempts at a proactive weight-loss gift doesn’t make the grade, add on a subtle SpaWeek Gift Card so your Grad can choose a calorie-burning Endermologie treatment or a Slimming Body Wrap from one of over 3,000 spas Nationwide.

Attention single Dads, giving your kid’s teacher lingerie from Victoria’s Secret can only be smoothed over with a SpaWeek Gift Card. If she can’t get a coma-inducing facial after she’s recieved your tacky attempt at an adult gift, she’s probably going to hold your child back another year. It’s almost guaranteed.

Now thru June 30th- All SpaWeek Gift Cards are 15% Off!

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