“Stop embarrassing me Daaaaad!” The phrase was almost a reflex during your teen years, but your tale most likely does not include your bridal gown-clad dad waving at you and your schoolmates from the front lawn.

It all started one morning when Dale Price and his wife set out to embarrass their teenage son Rain, a 4.0 GPA student, on the first day of sophomore year with a High Schooler’s worst nightmare: a dad who waves at the bus outside the house. But the mortification didn’t stop there… the next morning Dale dressed as a Chargers football player as the bus drove by, the next day he waved as Anakin Skywalker, then a Hawaiian snorkeler, and then in Spanish as Alejandro, Alej-Alejandro. For 170 consecutive school days, the stay-at-home Dad dressed up as something wild and outrageous for the big wave, and his wife photographed and blogged each and every one. It quickly turned from humiliating to his son’s—and entire bus’s—most cherished moment of every day. He also turned into the neighborhood hero of humor, and now, with over five million blog views, the coolest dad on earth.

With help from friends, neighbors and everyone’s attics, Dale managed to spend under $50 on costumes for the entire school year. Check out Dale’s parade of laughs that took its final wave as a pirate on June 2nd, and the family’s sweet story on their blog Wave At The Bus.

Now there’s a dad who deserves a spa gift card for Father’s Day.

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