Is gray the new blonde? While Lady Gaga may say yes, Lady Gaga also shows up to award shows in unhatched eggs. She also gets over things pretty quickly – more quickly than it takes for you to accept that random gray strand that appeared overnight. Despite the noted Gaga and runway trend, you may not be ready to embrace it just yet. Many people are genetically disposed to go gray early—but are there simple ways to delay the inevitable?

Yes, says Los Angeles dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu in her new book, Feed Your Face. Check out Dr. Wu’s secrets to halting the gray invasion, first shared on Healing Lifestyles. (Sign up for their daily wellness tips like the ones you see here each Friday!):

  • Go nuts! Almonds boost levels of catalase, an enzyme that neutralizes hair-graying hydrogen peroxide in the body. Dr. Wu recommends snacking on dry-roasted, unsalted varieties.
  • Pack in the produce. Eating a lot of antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies fights off free radicals like hydrogen peroxide and keeps your locks colorful.
  • Butt out. Among a million other reasons to stop smoking… smoking cuts circulation to hair follicles, preventing them from getting the oxygen and nutrients needed for healthy hair, says Dr. Wu. She also notes that studies have shown men who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a week are almost twice as likely to go bald as those who don’t light up.

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