My awesome dad has his daily beauty routine down pat, and I love him enough to know that getting him any additional man themed spa products for Father’s day is not something he would appreciate (he told me he has better taste than I do, and I agree). With the holiday just around the corner I decided that instead of creating a list of products you can buy for your dad, it would be helpful to create a list of products that your dad will be happy you purchased for yourself. These affordable fixes will transform you from the little monster you were last night and back into daddy’s little girl. Unless you’re Lady Gaga, where being a little monster walk of shame is her daily mission.

Miss Opps carries two products I know my dad is grateful I own.

There is nothing I find more disturbing than seeing a girl out with her family in a crazy revealing top or dress.  I mean seriously, having your dad tell you to cover up at any age just sucks. Enter: the Boob Tube.  This low cost miracle is simply an unlined tiny tube top with elastic at the top and bottom to keep it in place.  It goes right over your bra and voila you can wear your favorite outfit without flashing your goods.  The boob tube comes in a variety of colors and styles so there is no excuse not to own one (cough cough maxi dress wearers of America cough cough). Boob Tube $19-$20:

Now I am personally not a fan of extremely low rise jeans, but I suppose I understand the desire to show a little skin.  If your jeans are so low that you are showing more whale tail than Sea World, I implore you to purchase JAKs for your Father’s Day brunch. JAKs is a shirt extender that is designed to look like a lace camisole.  It is worn over the top of your jeans and under your shirt creating a seamless flow to your outfit. This fashion saver not only covers up your crack, but will smooth out a muffin top as well.  I often have to control myself from encouraging women on the street to invest in this. JAKs $20:

There is no doubt about it, hangovers make you look trashy. I’m sorry, but it’s true; however this situation is easily hidden from your pops. I highly recommend NOT getting blitzed (I recall my Box Wine Rebellion of 2008) the night before Father’s Day, but those wine bombs can sneak up on you right quick. If you do wind up looking wrecked on Sunday morning the perfect product to hide the traces of the night before is:

Arctic root and caffeine are the not-so-secret ingredients of this product which makes tired eyes look alive in the wake of an evening of binge drinking. With a no mess formula and instant cooling effect you can’t go wrong.  Get it, and store it in your purse for emergencies. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer 0.17 oz $18.50:

Those are just three products to use this Father’s Day to help you look less like Lindsay Lohan and more like the college graduation photo of you your dad keeps on his desk at work. Sense of decency and turquoise wig sold separately.

Jenna Nicole Levine is a native New Yorker turned Washingtonian. When she isn’t writing about ways to save you cash on your favorite beauty treatments, you can find her reviewing D.C. restaurants, clubs, and events. To read more from Jenna Nicole please visit Woman Around Town, or just stop by and say hello on her twitter @Jenna_Nicole.

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