Even though fresh-cut flowers are the most popular choice when it comes to bouquets and wedding decorations, silk flowers have been gaining popularity with tree-huggers and penny-pinchers. Silk flowers are eco-friendly because they don’t come from pesticide-riddled mass-production farms which create pollution during harvest and transport. These flowers look real, smell real and they cost half the price of real buds. Plus, they last well past the nuptials and make a great keepsake for the bride and bridal party.

Silk flowers can be used to create wedding bouquets, boutonnieres (for the Father of the Bride), corsages, centerpieces, cake-toppers and more. Here are some examples of these realistic flower arrangements:



Cascading Bouquets




Bouquet Suggestions from the Bridal Team at WedIdea.com

When selecting your bouquets, you should search first for the overall look that you are after. Do you want something elegant and simple? Bold? Tropical? Something romantic or classic?

If you’re going for…

Elegant and Simple: Try not to mix too many types of flowers. Less is more here.

Bold: Look for interesting colors that will make a splash against Bridesmaids dresses, like Coral & Turquoise, Yellow & Black, and Periwinkle & Green.

Tropical: Callas, Orchids, Stargazers, Roses and so much more. You can add seashells as fillers and always keep Citric Colors in mind.

Classic: Roses are a wedding classic, but you can also consider Gardenias, Stephanotis, Baby’s Breath, Lilies and Callas have become a classic too! Keep the colors within the traditional choices.

For your own wedding, would you (or did you) go silk? What do you think of this trend?


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