Father’s Day is Sunday, and this week’s #linklove has nothing to do with it. But I had to remind you… we have statistical proof Dad wants a spa day and you can still get SpaWeek Gift Cards for 15% off! And now, your explanation for the above:

– A raging Vlogger is “So Pissed at Black People”… for hiding away THE BUTTERS! Where my fellow Cocoa Butter fanatics at? (Afrobella)

– Perfume Intelligence: Next year they’ll be releasing a James Bond 007 inspired perfume to coincide with the 23rd film in the series. Some things never get old I suppose; here are Bond-y scents from years past. (BellaSugar)

– So, Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry at GEARY’S leaked like wild (surely an accident, that Kim is so modest). Wouldn’t life be sweeter with a $710 sugar bowl? (The Frisky)

– Turn a negative into a positive… with a DIY lamp made out of the negatives of your old photos. (The Luxury Spot)

– Peep these gorgeous photos of the earth from above, and have an out of this world weekend! (LiveFastMag)



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