Celebrity Suspect: Lady Gaga

Case: What has the Haus of Gaga done now? At Toronto’s Much Music Awards, Gagaloo sang “Hair” while rocking some outrageous turquoise body fuzz. We call this new trend the “Private Waterfall” look, with the emphasis on private. We love the wig, the pits are a bit unsettling, but acceptable only because it’s Gaga, but the turquoise merkin down below? Hold please.

Spa Treatment Sentencing: We hope these hair pieces are temporary and removable, however… there is a possibility that Gaga has gone, as the French say: au natural. In any case, we sentence her to multiple laser hair removal treatments for underarm and bikini line. Since we know Gaga has been rapid-fire switching up her look these days (long and grey, Cruella DeVille, body modifications), we (the judge and jury) recommend she take full advantage of TheRightDeal that launches tomorrow morning at 9 am. OH yes we’re spilling it early… 6 (SIX!) Laser Hair Removal Treatments at Randee Elaine Spa and Laser Center in NYC (reg. $450-$1500) for just $199. She could save up to $1,300 and use that money to buy more sunglasses and hair bows (aka trends we the jury approve of).

Image via theblayreport and Usweekly

Disclosure: No actual celebrities have been sent to the spa from a Celebrity Spa Arrest.

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