As the sun arched over the Hudson on the evening of Monday June 20th, graciously bowing out Spring with the last official sunset before Summer 2011, it’s a fact: WE had the best view in New York City.

In honor of Spa Week’s 2011 Presenting Sponsor Carefree, and in partnership with our exclusive media sponsor Allure Magazine, we co-hosted a beauty and Bellini-filled bash for 150 lucky Spa Week clients. If we’d been able to invite all million and a half of you we’d have needed a much bigger venue than the 21st story of Glass Houses in Chelsea, so let us take you through the evening as though you are experiencing it, starting of course with your flute of champagne. If you think you could say no to that face, you are mistaken.

Next, you head over and put your name down for the official spa treatment of Spa Week 2011: Carefree’s Signature Spa Week Misting Massage. Choose face or hands (I chose face for the mind-blowing head massage), choose your essential oil (grapefruit = YUM), and soon enough – if only for a few minutes – your day becomes ironically carefree.

Then you take your cocktail onto the patio to take in the gorgeous views and mingle with SpaWeekers like yourself…

… including me and Stephanie. Hi!

Then you head inside because Allure Editor-at-Large Abbie Kozolchyk just started speaking, dishing the magazine’s top beauty tips and trends for summer. Check out our 7 favorite beauty tips of the evening!

After all that beauty talk, you wander over to get your hair and makeup done yourself.

Then, a familiar feeling strikes. You’ve had 3 flutes of champers and a glass of white… ah HA, that’s it! You have to…… And perhaps change your pantyliner?

Much better. You’ve also been noshing on savory crispy scallops, thai chicken and mozzarella skewers all evening, so it’s time for something sweet on the step and repeat. It’s time for chocolate bites and goody bags.

And there you have it! Two hours goes by fast, huh? And I wanted to share (although I am not obligated to whatsoever), that I’ve started using Carefree’s new Acti-Fresh liners occasionally ever since we started working with them, and they really are better than any pantyliner I remember using back in the day when I wore pantyliners. We did a post back in April with some ideas for wearing Carefree liners – check it out. The next Spa Week is October 10-16… get excited and stay fresh!

Thank you to everyone who came. Take a look at all the photos on our Facebook page.