After her concert in Atlanta on June 8,  Katy Perry flicked her magic wand and fluttered her Fairy Spa Mother wings and made the bill disappear for all 21 of her dancers and crew members at the gorgeous Remede Spa at the St. Regis Hotel. So jealous! We can do the Macarena and The Running Man… Can we be your dancers too, Katy?

According to US WEEKLY, the group, who “took over the entire spa, indulged in customized facials, which cost $255 for 90 minutes, and include everything from cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions to warm paraffin foot wraps, foot and scalp rubs, and eye and lip treatments. Also on the agenda: Relaxing aromatherapy massages at $240 a pop for 90 minutes.”

Too bad she didn’t wait until Fall Spa Week (that’s when the prices practically disappear on their own, like magic!); she could have saved a candy-colored boat load.

Katy is pretty tied to the spa lifestyle these days; especially after she signed on to promote OPI’s line of Shatter nail polish. You know, the polish that crackles. Read all about shatter and DIY mani-pedis here . Plus tap into the mind of Michelle and learn all about other polish alternatives, like Shellac. And seriously, Katy… If you need back-up dancers, we’re just a DM away @SPAWEEK.