Looking for a quick and easy alternative to bring to a Fourth of July party this weekend (besides the standard pasta salad)? Here is a fresh and festive Independence Day recipe that kids and grown-ups alike will gobble up faster than you can say “WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL,” that is after they upload a picture of it to Facebook.

What’s so SPA about this Spa Foodie post?: No, (sadly) we are not recommending that you  squish your face into this patriotic platter as DIY facial. However, remember the Dr. Perricone 3-day skin care diet? He suggests strawberries and blackberries to enhance your skin and eat for beauty. Just by swapping out the neighbor’s apple pie for these delectable berries loaded with anti-oxidants vitamin C, your belly and your skin will thank you. (Although you should probably have a piece of pie too.)

Note: For ultimate freshness, prepare this treat right before serving. Present with toothpicks for spearing the fruit and a bowl of yogurt dip or whipped cream, if desired.

Recipe courtesy of Family Fun Magazine


  • 29 large strawberries
  • 30 large blackberries
  • 7 or so large bananas
  • Lemon juice


  • Hull and halve 29 large strawberries and set them aside.
  • Arrange 30 large blackberries, as shown, in the upper left corner of a serving tray or cutting board (it should be at least 8 by 13 inches).
  • Cut 58 banana slices, 3/4-inch-thick, into a bowl. Sprinkle on lemon juice and toss the slices gently with a rubber spatula to keep them from browning.
  • Assemble the banana slices in rows as shown and top each slice with a strawberry half.

Present on a large tray with handles and cover with saran wrap for easy transportation to the nearest block party or bbq. Wear this for added impact.