By Shelby Jones, Public Relations Manager, ISPA

Happy belated birthday, America! Even though you turned 235 this year you don’t look a day over 200, which can probably be attributed to all of the spa treatments you’ve been getting over the last couple of centuries. You have an incredible wellness history, but let’s focus on the present for a minute.

The ISPA Global Consumer Study gives us a look into how, when and why American spa-goers take a time out for themselves. U.S. citizens that go to the spa average five visits a year to get their relaxation fix. You’ll most likely find them at a day spa, but sometimes they like to get away at a resort/hotel spa. They know that maintaining the benefits of a spa treatment at home is important, and on average they spend $80 on spa retail products in a year.

The top five treatments in the USA ranked in order are:

  1. Massage (it’s actually the No. 1 treatment for both men and women worldwide)
  2. Manicure/Pedicure
  3. Facial
  4. Body Scrub or Wrap
  5. Aromatherapy

Americans can all agree on one thing – stress. The No. 1 reason they go to the spa is to relax and relieve/reduce stress (just like the rest of the world).

If you want to learn more about different spa treatments visit ISPA’s spa glossary at

Shelby Jones is based in Lexington, KY at the ISPA headquarters, Spa Week’s exclusive trade partner. She has worked as ISPA’s Public Relations Manager for five years where she connects with top media outlets to promote ISPA members and the spa lifestyle. To get in touch with Shelby please visit experienceispa.comemail her or follow @ISPADoYou on Twitter.