Did you ever want to be a Disney Princess (calling all ’80s babies!)? Ever go through a period in your pre-tweens that order to go to places like school, the dentist, the movies, on playdates and to the jungle gym you demanded you’d be dressed in plastic glass slippers, long flowing polyester, zip-up gowns and a gorgeous shining crown atop your knotted, bird’s nest of a scrunchy bound, ponytail? Was there ever a time you NEEDED to be a Disney Princess to function (aka not scream bloody murder at the grocery store)? I have to confess, I was not. I liked bugs and mud and sneakers and sports and boy things. However, my younger sister on the other hand… OBSESSED. Every picture in my parents’ house of us as kids is me in biking shorts and an over-sized t-shirt with frilly socks and dirty K-Swiss sneaks (probably with a frog or something in my hand, who knows!?) and her in some  Halloween hand-me-down Little Mermaid dress with a felt shell-bra top. And the crown. Seriously, can’t forget the crown. And that is how my mom got us to run errands with her. In public. (My. Poor. Mom.)

Anyways, if you are like my sister and have been obsessed with Disney Princesses since you could remember, then Alfred Angelo has sprinkled some fashion fairy dust and made all your dreams come true. He has created Princess-inspired wedding dresses for the modern women, who still secretly wishes Prince Charming will show up on a white horse and rescue her from the guy she is about to marry, I mean, whisk her away  in a designer gown so they can live happily ever after. Here are the gorgeous gowns and how Alfred Angelo drew his inspiration from each royal maiden:

Ariel – The Little Mermaid

This romantic gown celebrates Ariel’s free spirit with re-embroidered lace and taffeta fabrics that move as gracefully as the ocean. Touches of sea-inspired details such as pearl beading, subtle metallic accents, crystal beading and sequins add a splash of the unexpected.

Belle – Beauty and The Beast

Paying tribute to Belle’s warm and gracious spirit, the gown features a draped satin and crystal beaded corset with subtle hints of gold metallic embroidery. A detachable shrug and draped net pick-up skirt create added grandeur.

Aurora – Sleeping Beauty

Aurora’s tale is retold with a romantic taffeta gown featuring multiple layers of dreamy gossamer tulle, reminiscent of cascading briar rose petals. The re-embroidered lace and crystal beaded bodice with rose detail add an elegant touch.

Cinderella – Cinderella

Cinderella’s fairy tale comes alive with a classic ballgown of tulle and glitter net over taffeta, inspired by Cinderella’s glass slipper. The draped criss-cross bodice features a romantic sweetheart neckline accented with sparkling crystal beading and rhinestones.

Jasmine – Aladdin

Bold and exotic, Jasmine’s gown features flowing, soft shimmer satin and a micro-ruched bodice, the bejeweled neckline and halter strap with encrusted pearls, rhinestones and crystal beading add a touch of the wanderlust.

Tiana – The Princess and The Frog

Honoring Tiana’s independence and joie de vivre, this one shoulder taffeta ballgown features dramatic ruched pick-ups, inspired by the grace of the water lily. The asymmetric draped bodice is embellished with beautiful beaded flowers, metallic embroidery and pearl accents.