Being bronze in the summer isn’t a convenient side effect of frolicking on the beach all day… it’s a lifestyle choice. The one thing that can stop your golden tan dead in its tracks?… Money. For two reasons: first, if you need to make money, you probably have a job, which means you aren’t able to lay out every day and perfect your awesome glow. And two, not having money makes it really difficult to maintain a healthy, natural-looking sunless glow – all that self-tanner and bronzer adds up! (Unless of course you snag today’s $30 sunless tan on The Right Deal or win today’s Perricone no-sun tanner prize in the Tweet-a-Thon.).

The solution to your tanning vs. money conundrum: DIY Organic Bronzer made with household cooking ingredients and your favorite essential oil. Keep your skin safe and tan all summer long without playing hooky from work or breaking the bank on expensive, department store bronzers. Plus, you’ll be avoiding harsh chemical fillers often found in heavy-duty bronzers and powders. For the crafty beauty junkie inside you, here’s how to make your own organic bronzer in a convenient compact:

Recipe and images courtesy of Elizabeth Seward


  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Essential Oil
  • Empty Make-up Case (or small mixing bowl)

How to:

1. Choose an Empty Makeup Case

2. Pour in Cinnamon

3. Add Powdered Sugar

Pour some powdered sugar into the case. The amount will depend on how light you want the mixture to be for your skin.
4. Mix Together

Mix the powders together. Use a paint brush or eye shadow brush for this part.
5. Add an Essential Oil

Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender, jasmine etc) into the mix. Not only will this leave it smelling good, but it’ll bond the powders together and keep them firm in the case.
6. Apply

Apply with a fluffy brush in upward, circular motions along cheeks, forehead, chin and bridge of your nose… and enjoy!