In the eyes of your six-year-old son, you could instantly become the coolest mom on earth if you came home one day with a pet python.

In the eyes of your sixteen-year-old daughter, or any of the editors at Vogue for that matter, you could instantly become the coolest mom on earth if you came home with a python pedicure.

One of the hottest new trends in nail decor is nothing to hiss at; it involves actual snakeskin, generously offered by a python who has naturally shed its outer later of highly-coveted fashionable skin.

Vdara Hotel & Spa at CityCenter, Las Vegas, Spa Week‘s 2011 destination sponsor, is on the cutting edge offering this exotic pedicure. The pedicure of the season involves first meticulously trimming the snakeskin into the shapes of your toenails, and then using Bio Scuplture Gel to place the snakeskin on your nails and seal in the design for a glossy finish.

Not such a reptile fan? If you love the look but would rather not have dead snakeskin on your toenails, you can opt for faux snakeskin.

The Vdara Snakeskin Pedicure is $180, and the faux version is $150. Check out more of the cool treatments that take place in the 18,000 square foot Spa & Salon Vdara.

What do you think of thisssssssssssss trend? Will you be slithering into a Python Pedi?

Photos courtesy of Vdara; editorial photo via Vogue.