Girls get to have all the fun when it comes to makeup, but so often guys neglect their skins’ needs… even on their wedding day. Today’s Wedding Wednesday is brought to you by Mënaji, a smartly-branded “undetectable skincare” line for men.

WIN! After reading, enter to win a customized Mënaji skin care set for your man, groom or not, by answering this question below (by Sunday 7/17): Does your man (you can pick any man in your life) have any special “tools” for his skincare needs? To hide a blemish? To get rid of dark circles from too much fun with you?

Have you ever noticed that at weddings, the bride is all dolled up but despite the suit, the groom sometimes looks a bit scrappy – shiny face, blotchy skin, bags under the eyes… need we say more? And what about the wedding video that was shot in HD (which shows every flaw)?

Don’t be that groom. At Mënaji, we’re all about looking good and feeling good, so we’ve come up with a grooming kit that will tackle your skin issues and hide the evidence that you stayed up too late at the rehearsal dinner.  The best part is that no one will be the wiser…


1: CLEANSE/MOISTURIZE – The two easiest and yet often overlooked steps are to simply clean and moisturize your face.  Men’s skin is 20% oiler than women’s and it needs a good, deep cleaning to ensure a healthy look.  We recommend our Face & Body Scrub and Aftershave Hydrator.  If more help is needed, use our Deep Cleansing Masque a couple nights before your BIG DAY for either spot blemish treatment, or to ensure a total deep face clean.

2: CORRECT – A man’s eyes can look tried even when he’s not!  Our 911 EYE GEL is the simple trick.  Dab this lightweight, rejuvenating gel around the eye area to reduce puffiness and dark circles.  911 acts as a ‘mini ice-pack’, helping skin look more youthful in minutes.  All natural and Hypoallergenic for all skin types.

3: CONCEAL – Almost better-than-bare.  Invisibly conceals what you don’t want to show.  Our CAMO MAGNUM CONCEALER is healthy – Jojoba-enriched and undetectable, this concealing agent with SPF 8 will instantly hide razor bumps, blemishes, under-eye circles, age spots, scars or any other imperfections.  Easy to use and dermatologist approved.  Available in 3 skin tones.

4: CONCEAL/PROTECT – Our HDPV Anti-Shine Powder was developed specifically for professional actors and news anchormen in response to the improved picture clarity of HD, and this powder/foundation is your undetectable ammunition against shine.  Apply all over the face, or just where you need it.  Contains SPF 15 and anti-aging benefits. Good for all skin types and available in four skin tones.

5: FINALLY – Ensure that your lips are smooth for that all-important-first kiss in front of everyone with Mënaji Lip Agent!  Apply a healthy lip balm to dry, chapped lips for a smooth, shine-free finish.  Our nourishing, minty balm heals and soothes with one application, and contains SPF 15 for protection outdoors.

THE PAYOFF? You will feel great. Your guests will notice how good you look and wonder how you did it. However don’t worry; your secret’s safe with us!

If you’re in the NYC area, the full collection is available at The Plaza Hotel – Plaza Beauty Level.  Here a groom can, with or without his fiancee, have a discrete consultation with one of the counter Mënaji consultants to ensure that he has the right products and knows how to use them to ensure a great, natural look. See more at

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WINNER: Dick Rosales, who said: My best man (i.e. Me) uses aftershave on a regular basis. Congratulations!