Here at Spa Week we believe that life well-lived involves a seamless inclusion of health and wellness…and an ounce of luck. But if that ounce should turn out to be over a hundred pounds, at say, your ideal body weight, now THAT is a life wellness-lived. Congratulations to Julie Anderton, the lucky winner of Spa Week and Jillian Michaels’ $9500 Get Fit For Summer vacation sweepstakes! Julie won a four-night stay at the renowned Golden Door Spa in sunny Escondido, California, complete with spa treatments, training sessions and cooking classes. To continue her journey to optimal health and happiness after her trip ends, she also snagged $175 in SpaWeek gift cards, a copy of Jillian Michael’s new book Unlimited, and a six-month membership to

We’ll be following Julie’s wellness journey on Spa Week Daily over the next few months, so be sure to check back! We are so thrilled that our winner is not only inspired by Jillian Michaels and the wellness lifestyle, SHE, herself, is an inspiration. Here is her “acceptance speech”. Enjoy it to the fullest, Julie!

“I am so grateful to be the lucky winner of the “Get Fit for Summer” Sweepstakes from Spa Week & Jillian Michaels!  This really couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  Last year, I found myself travelling at least 4 to 5 days a week for work and staying in a hotel on and off for over 6 months!  Not only was it exhausting being away from home, but I quickly slipped out of my regular workout schedule and got sucked into the “convenience” of eating out at restaurants for several meals a day.  I felt fatigued, stressed and of course, gained weight.  I decided that I needed to refocus myself and feel better in my mind and body.  Instead of spending my end of year bonus shopping, I spent it on a personal trainer and boot camps!  I also frequently consulted Jillian’s website for inspiration on keeping focused, eating right and getting the latest training tips.

Over the last few months, I have worked with my trainer to change my diet, monitor my calories and get rid of my new, unwanted body mass.  I have set goals and am slowly watching them become reality!  Since March 2011, I have consistently lost pounds, inches and over 7% body fat!  I appreciate this prize so much as I have been working really hard to change my lifestyle.  This will only keep my momentum going and re-energize my efforts to shape a happier, more fit me.

Thank you again to Spa Week, Jillian Michaels and Golden Door for helping me achieve my goals!!”