WARNING: Hot wax just got way hotter.

I was called upon to direct a Man-waxing/Pejazzling photo shoot at the sexiest spa in Manhattan today, face to face nyc in Chelsea, for Details magazine. Clearly I’ve established myself as the go-to girl for any body-bedazzling ventures. My father is so proud.

My subject? DJ-Rico, the super-ripped tan man who I do believe arrived straight from the Jersey Shore for the occasion. The object? Illustrate spa owner Enrique Ramirez’s recent interview about man-waxing with Details magazine; a little waxing here, a little Pejazzling there. Enrique – who’s just as jacked as DJ-Rico if not more – went to work, waxing off (or pretending at least) all the hair on DJ’s entirely hairless body.

And now, the sneak peak, from earlobes to crystal Hotty bling, here are some shots I snapped from the shoot, for your viewing pleasure: