The Little Luxury: AG Split End Spa

Relationship status: We’ll never split.

Seriously, it’s a spa for your split ends: Let your hair put on a fluffy white robe and an Enya soundtrack as it gets pampered with a few pumps of AG each day.

For Rapunzel-Wannabes: This hair serum has been extraordinarily successful in preventing me from getting split ends, and thus helping my hair grow. It’s grown noticeably faster since I started using it, and the quality has been more lustrous than ever!

Confession: I am way overdue for a trim. Maybe 4 months overdue. But in all honesty, I’m completely shocked at how healthy my hair has kept, and I attribute it to the Split End Spa. If anyone asks, I totally trimmed it last week, k?

It’s pretty easy: After washing your hair, dispense 2-3 squirts in your hands, and then run through your damp hair, concentrating on the ends.

Who should use it? It’s color-safe containing AG’s CARE Complex, so this “spa” is good for anyone who wants to add a dose of healthy vibrancy to their locks.

Okay, so you REALLY want longer hair? This was one of 4 ways to make your hair grow faster – click for some good foods to eat for longer locks, along with other tips from the pros.

Gotta git git! It’s $24 on ULTA, or you can pick it up at Senses NY where Brucey first introduced forced me to start using this magical cream that he swears by for all his clients.

Hot Stone Scale (1-6): 6

This Little Luxury Report was brought to you by: Michelle Joni Lapidos