As you are probably aware of if you read Spa Week Daily on any consistent basis, we have a thing for moms. Not just any moms… HOT moms! And by hot I don’t mean hot mess, hot diaper change, hot flashes, or even MILF hot. To us, HOT means you’re lookin’ good because you’re taking time for YOU, you’re tending to your needs with the occasional massage, mani-pedi or yoga class, and you’ve not forgotten about facials and makeup since your first born arrived. And this is all despite the terrifying toy mess in the living room.

In an effort to encourage busy moms to take Mom(me) time, we’ve enlisted the Hot Mom Spa Squad, a growing list of influential mommies nationwide to blog and tweet about relaxation, and encourage their fellow busy mom friends to trade in Pampers for pampering.

We’re proud to have some of the mommy-blogging elite as part of the Hot Mom Spa Squad – such as our very first two #HotSpaMoms Audrey McClelland of and Colleen Padilla of who just released their book the Digital Mom Handbook a few weeks ago – we couldn’t be more excited for them! And just this week we added power moms Nicole Feliciano of and Stacy DeBrofff of Mom Central.

Well, I get a lot of requests to be part of The Squad, but for the first time I yesterday I got an email with this adorable video request from the mom of Charlene Chronicles to be part of it. No makeup and you still look gorgeous but guuuuurl, use those spa gift cards STAT! Charlene, you are SO in. And your little dog too.

Have a HOT weekend, mamas!