As I sit here at my desk, three weeks overdue for a highlight touch-up (it’s been a REALLY busy summer – stalking my favorite colorists for cancellations has become more of a sport), I appreciate the value of ANY advice to make a top-dollar color treatment stay rich and vibrant as long as humanly possible. My roots have thankfully been kissed by the sun for a somewhat decent camouflage, but some days are worse than others – you know how it goes, fellow faux naturale friends.

For my own purposes, and of course for yours, I got in touch with Celebrity Colorist Rita Hazan, who’s created the signature looks for stars such as Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Electra and Brooke Shields, for her hair color staying power secrets. With a popular salon in Midtown Manhattan, her color-enriching products at Sephora and an apartment literally the next building over from me, she’s definitely someone whose tips I trust. Her color belief is: “You don’t want your hair to ‘wear’ you—you want to have hair that complements your skin, your eyes—hair that really reflects who you are.”

For optimal color, yes, it is very important that your colorist is highly skilled, is able to deliver just the right level and depth of hue to complement your entire appearance, and frames your face with finesse. But once you walk out of the salon, it’s up to you to keep the color as strong as can be. Beer, anyone?

Rita’s 7 Secrets for Long-Lasting COLOR:

1. Apply a conditioning treatment 1-2 times a week, and try to use overnight if you can.

2. Use a clear gloss every couple of months to keep hair shiny, you can have it done at a salon or find it at any a beauty store for use at home.

3. Take vitamins to keep hair strong from the inside out. Biotin or fish oil are best.

4. Spraying a UV veil on hair keeps color protected during time in the sun. Not just by the pool or at the beach, but even when exercising or walking around outside.

5. Beer! (We’ve been there before.) Beer is a great remedy for dull, lackluster hair. There is a protein in beer that fills in spaces that are lagging between damaged cuticles, which in turn makes hair smoother and shinier. Take a bottle of beer (preferably a more full bodied like Guinness) and step into the shower. Pour in hair to cover from roots to ends, and let it sit for a minute or two. Rinse out with cool water afterwards to get rid of the smell.

6. Coconut oil with avocado is great for reviving dry hair and eliminate flaking, and also protects hair from damaging UV rays. Take one tablespoon coconut oil and put in microwave for 10 seconds, then massage into hair from roots to ends. Take an avocado, peeled then mashed, and apply to the ends of hair only. After 10-15 minutes, rinse with cool water and then shampoo as usual.

7. Try my Root Concealer! After years of listening to clients, stylists, press and beauty experts’ pleas for a better way to make their color-treated hair last longer, this aerosol spray was born to cover gray, and also to conceal roots for brunettes, blondes, and redheads. Get it at Sephora.

Check out the video to learn all about it and meet the color queen herself: