We’re finally in the midst of Shark Week, the second best week of the year. With no offense meant to our shark friends in the sea, we do think the humans up here on land have it a bit better than the sharks for the following 5 reasons.

1. Scaly skin is just temporary. While sharks are stuck with their tough skin forever, you don’t have to live with it – you can get a delightful body scrub (for just $50.)

2. You can decorate your keratin. Shark fins are supported from within by an elastic filament very similar to the keratin found in your hair and nails. However, sharks don’t have the option of decorating their keratin with a mani pedi or a hair service – and you can!

3. Sharks can’t get – or give – massages. I mean, maybe they can receive massages, but do you want to try to give a shark a hot stone massage? Right.

4. Shark Week doesn’t come with Vichy scrubs. You can enjoy the fruit of the sea during Spa Week with a seaweed wrap or salt scrub – and then rinse the stickiness off with a Vichy shower, a luxury sharks don’t get to enjoy.

5. Shark Week comes but once a year – Spa Week comes twice! And it’s coming up this fall from October 15-21. Booking begins September 10!

Updated for August 2012

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