By Jenna Nicole Levine

I naturally assumed that once I was out of high school, breakouts would be a thing of the past.  I was highly incorrect, since that has not been the case in my 20s (my delusions of adulthood… shattered). I’ve personally tried several products on the market ranging from prescription strength creams to chemical free foam washes, and have had a mixed bag of results.  After years of intense internet research and the assistance of several well informed friends I have come up a simple routine that not only works, but will save you a pretty penny because you probably already have everything you need. Read on for my 3 free tips to clear(er) skin.

Tip 1: Sleep with a towel on your pillow

Now I know this sounds a bit crazy, but think about it like this: most of us don’t change our pillowcases every night, so all that dirt from your pillowcase is just reclogging your pores night after night! Simply sleeping with a new clean towel on your pillow is free and effective. The only downside is that extra load of laundry, but beauty is sacrifice!

Tip 2:  Clean your cell phone, work phone, home phone etc.

Seriously, use some alcohol pads and clean the surface of your phone. Imagine how much oil just resides on the surface of your electronic devices. If you are prone to chin breakouts this may be a contributing factor.  The cleansing process takes maybe 20 seconds, but can save you major cash on acne spot treatments (especially during those summer months).

Tip 3:   Manage the stress in your life

Among the many awesome ways that stress affects our bodies (think ulcers, hair loss, weight gain, insomnia) acne is prevalent. I can’t simply tell you to be less stressed, but what I can suggest is managing your stress by engaging in vigorous exercise. Perhaps go for for a nice long run, stopping for push-ups and squats along the way. Nothing releases endorphins more than a great workout, and the better you feel the more you can manage stress, the more you can manage stress the less stress breakouts will make you more stressed (you get the picture).

These three simple tips are free to try, have really helped my skin, and may make a world of difference in your complexion. Now go out there and stay hydrated this August!

Jenna Nicole Levine is a native New Yorker turned Washingtonian. When she isn’t writing about ways to save you cash on your favorite beauty treatments, you can find her reviewing D.C. restaurants, clubs, and events. To read more from Jenna Nicole please visit Woman Around Town, or just stop by and say hello on her twitter @Jenna_Nicole.