Obesity is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States and about one-third of adults are obese, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While personal trainers, nutritionists and fitness centers attempt to conquer this growing epidemic, such resources are not such an affordable option for many people. That’s why Spa Week has teamed up with the Today show’s resident nutritionist and diet expert, Joy Bauer, and one of the exclusive resorts from NBC’s hit TV show, The Biggest Loser to dramatically kick-start a new, healthy lifestyle for one lucky winner by entering the Fast Track to Health Giveaway.

Reclaim your inner strength and learn how to create positive changes with simple, healthy choices that will result in a healthier you – inside and out at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Malibu, California. Prepare to be amazed at what you can accomplish – you’re worth it! The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge offers a complete atmosphere for fitness, relaxation, and spa amenities ensuring your stay is as productive and relaxing as possible.  Enjoy comfortable accommodations, spa cuisine, breathtaking hikes and  group oriented classes to meet other motivated individuals who are inspired to get fit. Whether your goal is to lose substantial weight or to enjoy a fitness getaway, the program and group atmosphere will provide the personal attention that you need to achieve your goals.


Reward your efforts with the ultimate spa and salon experience at The Retreat. Soothe sore muscles with several different forms of massage and body work, or simply relax and rejuvenate with acupuncture or reflexology. From soothing body treatments to luxurious facials and salon treatments, you’ll leave feeling pampered, refreshed and fabulous.


Participate in a structured, calorie-controlled, health program. Every meal is designed by the Executive Chef and Registered Dietitian in a calorie-controlled, spa cuisine meal plan.  Each menu item captures the nutrition in a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.  Choosing low-fat foods that are high in fiber offers higher satisfaction than on other types of low-calorie meal plans.


Immerse yourself in a variety of indoor fitness classes or experience beautiful outdoor activities. The professional, certified fitness team will help you achieve your goals and provide you the adequate tools to be successful at home. Take advantage of the Education Series, which consists of daily lectures hosted by the Wellness Team. Topics discussed include portion control, product label reading, and intuitive eating, as well as cooking demos and fitness tips. Our Wellness Team includes an Executive Chef, Registered Dietitians, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Trainers and a Life Coach.

The large gym features top-of-the-line equipment and our aerobics room hosts classes for kickboxing, step-n-pump, indoor cycling, ball works, and stretch. The aquatics center features a pool and hot tub.

The Resort is surrounded by the wooded landscape of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. There are many different trail options for terrain, cardio intensity, and experience level. The landscape of each hiking trail is surrounded by the motivational, healing environment of southern California’s natural oasis of trees and wildflowers.  Hiking is a beautiful compliment to the program, with trails for all fitness levels everyone can enjoy!