In honor of Elena Brower’s Spa Week Daily Challenge and National Relaxation Day, we asked our Twitter and Facebook friends, “What’s your favorite song for relaxing/breathing deeply?” Without further ado, here is the “Just Breathe” playlist. Even Elena joined in the fun, tweeting, “@ElenaBrower: @SPAWEEK – check out this playlist on @yogitunes – – the last few songs are VERY chill. And the first few: flow/amazing.” We added as many as we could find and came up with this soothing, worry-erasing playlist. We hope you listen take a few moments for yourself and get inspired to Breathe Consioucly for 5 minutes a day. Enjoy!

Here the songs our Facebook and Twitter friends suggested:

Jacqueline E. Pachelbel “New Age”
Estella N. and Janice C. Enya
Mari H. Pearl Jam “Just Breathe”
Nicole G. and Deborah N. “Amazing Grace”
Jackie T. Adele
Lydia P. Barbra Streisand “Memory”
Noreen Y. David Young “Bliss” and George Skaroulis “Sanctuary”
Patricia E. Any soundscapes music!
@AgingBackwards: @SPAWEEK Call me #oldschool, but I still LUV @SteveWinwood sigh…(bats eyelashes) lol #relaxation
@ISpaDoYou: @SPAWEEK #relaxation song ideas: We recommend anything from
@pengonly: @SPAWEEK try @2Cellos they do wonders with @muse
@Bittertwitr22: @SPAWEEK etta james
@BeautyUnbiased: Glen Hansard ‘once’ album “@SPAWEEK: Happy National #RelaxationDay! TELL US: What’s your favorite song for relaxing/breathing deeply?”
@LiljenSpa: @SPAWEEK Yiruma is a fab piano Player.. Meditation Spa Collection is also relaxing music.. 🙂
@nailkid2: @SPAWEEK Kool & The Gang ” Summer Madness”