Has anyone ever told you you’re the girl with kaleidoscope eyes? No? Well who wants to look like a child’s toy anyway when you can pierce people with eyes of shiny, big-girl bling! Thanks to the insatiably sparkly beauty desires of Indian women, for just $15,000, you can now bedazzle (not vajazzle) your eyes with gold-plated, diamond-encrusted contact lenses.

Creator Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan, who came up with the diamond lens idea after his wife got precious jewels installed in her teeth, put much time and thought into this latest line of lenses, named La Ser Eye Jewelry. Athough he uses a special medical-grade lens to prevent the diamond chards from touching the cornea, there is much conflict among opticians as to whether these non-FDA-approved lenses are safe for your eyes.

Safety aside, my conflict about them is a bit different. I do happen to think they’re extremely sexy – I’ve always believed I was born with glitter in my veins, but never imagined it in my eye! However, if I did have $15,000 to spare, it wouldn’t be on this. (It would be on a spa vacation, probably.) Because what happens when one of these bad boys pops out at a restaurant? Or falls in the drain? And what about muggers? Can you imagine the sort of crimes taking place? Take my purse but don’t you dare touch my eyeballs!

What do you think? Read more about it on Yahoo! Shine… think you’d give it a try if you had $15,000 burning an ‘ole in your pocket?

I got a feeling Lucy in The Sky would…

Photo via Yahoo! Shine