Finally! A bridal gown you don’t have to worry about spilling something on; a wedding dress you don’t have to feel bad about never wearing again. But if it pops? EXCELLENT – because everyone at the reception was secretly hoping it would.

Balloon Bridal seems to be, er, blowing up lately, but isn’t exactly something we’d want to see emerge as a major trend anytime soon. These dresses floated onto my radar – through the Facebook page of a circus clown friend no less – and you know what? For a select few, this just may be the answer to the perfect budget white-wedding fantasy. I mean, it’s definitely unforgettable, it would conceal a flabby tummy or back fat like a charm, and it’s not like you were going to be sitting down at your wedding anyway, right? Meet Thelma Levett, below, who has been making balloon objects for about 15 years. For $800, in four days, she twisted up this Kate Middleton-inspired frock out of 5,000 balloons.

She isn’t the only designer of these alternative bridal gowns – read more about it on Yahoo! Shine.

If you do opt for a poppable wedding gown, make sure your bridesmaids match!

What say you? When you walk down the aisle, will your air of confidence be wrapped in bubbles of rubber?